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SAMCON expands its portfolio of explosion proof cameras

SAMCON expands its portfolio of explosion proof cameras


With a length of only 127 mm and a diameter of 48 mm, these ultra-compact cameras complement the current product portfolio of explosion proof cameras, and cannot only be installed easily but they are also cost-effective – making SAMCON a full-stack supplier.

Due to the easy integration into existing video management systems and the fact that cameras can be combined flexibly, Samcon’s portfolio virtually covers all CCTV applications for hazardous areas.

Whether an only 700g weighing thermal camera, a high-speed system with electronic zoom and focus lens, or a high-speed dome camera is required – Samcon offers secure surveillance for all applications and areas.

Benefits of the ExCam ultra-compact systems
The new camera line is suitable for temporary and semi-fixed applications, too. The waterproof IP68 housing is resistant to chemicals as well as to oil and can be installed in locations where larger equipment does not fit or an installation is difficult due to restricted space.

Despite the compact design, the ExCam IPP1275 can easily keep up with larger models regarding performance and resolution, even exceeding competitor models with regard to certain functional areas. For example, the camera’s progressive scan allows providing high-resolution pictures of moving objects without motion blur. The HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080) and the high-performance varifocal lens master all surveillance tasks and reliably create safe areas. The ExCam IPP1275 is a modularly designed ATEX network camera and consists of an ultra-compact sensor unit for image capturing as well as a main unit, processing the image. Integrated in the main unit are the network as well as power connection and a storage card slot.

Apart from the ExCam IPP1275, Samcon also presents with the ExCam IPP1280 its first own thermal camera. Its most outstanding feature is that even in complete darkness, it can still deliver pictures so that no external light sources are necessary. Just as the ExCam IPP1275, also the ExCam IPP1280 consists of an ultra-compact sensor unit for capturing the thermal image as well as a main unit for processing it.

In addition to that, an analog AHD camera completes the portfolio: The ExCam miniTube is an analog multi signal camera with a very high light sensitivity in combination with an ultra-compact housing and a fixed focal length. This camera also is designed for applications in the hazardous areas, meeting the requirements of guideline 14/34/EU ATEX and IECEx. Due to its ultra-compact size, it is particularly suitable for process observations.

Just as all models of the ExCam Series, also the ultra-compact cameras have been certified according to the European (ATEX) and international guideline (IECEx).

Perfectly suitable also for difficult to access and narrow areas
The ExCam IPP1275 as well as the ExCam IPP1280 and the ExCam miniTube are real lightweights and so easy to handle that they can be installed by a single person. This is, for example, an advantage in the chemical industry or on oil rigs with confined spaces and not much freedom of movement. The easy power supply via PoE makes a separate power line superfluous and contributes, apart from the low weight, to an easy installation. Close to processes or mounted to very small sight glasses, not only the ExCam IPP1275 always finds its place, for example:

  • At sight glasses located between pipe installations for monitoring the flow rate
  • At small mixing containers (e.g. for colors or chemical substances)
  • At small laboratory size reactors and freeze-driers and in compact industrial machines

The compact design and its low weight minimize vibrations and allow sufficient space to even place an additional light next to the camera. The cameras are of a rather inconspicuous design and allow, for example, a reliable surveillance of plant filling stations, general plant areas or vehicles such as tank and lift trucks or cranes. They help detecting problems, can be used for surveilling machines and production runs and secure the functionality of components by monitoring them.

Just like all other cameras of the ExCam Series, also the ultra-compact cameras are certified according to ATEX and IECEx to guarantee extensive explosion protection. The ex-protected housing covers ATEX groups II and can be used in zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 including the explosion groups IIC / IIIC.

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