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Panasonic launches user-oriented fire alarm system in the UAE

Panasonic launches user-oriented fire alarm system in the UAE


Panasonic Life Solutions Middle East & Africa (PLSMEA), a subsidiary of Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa FZE (PMMAF) launch its user-oriented fire alarm system (FAS), in the UAE.  The new fire alarm systems offer a smart and scalable solution for a wide range of industries and facility sizes.

The fire alarm system is made available to customers by Al-Futtaim Engineering and technologies (AFE), the leading multi-disciplinary engineering provider operating across the UAE.

Panasonic’s fire alarm systems, EBL512 G3 and EBL128 are embedded with smart flexible detector algorithms that auto evaluate surroundings and select alarm operation modes appropriately. They are capable of sensing unwanted alarm-triggers like dust and insects, using an improved detector chamber with an extremely fine mesh net, and reduce cases of false alerts. Designed under European standards, it is ideal for buildings of any size such as airports, hotels, universities and theatres with artificial smoke generators or factory settings where oil mist could be present.

The detectors boast the ‘made-in-Japan’ quality and come with control panels manufactured in Sweden for optimum system quality. The FAS facilitates effortless surveillance, operation and maintenance, apart from auto addressing the threats and functionalized detectors. Panasonic delivers greater flexibility and convenience to customers in key sectors including healthcare, old age homes, education, retail and hospitality, government and public safety and transport and logistics.

The system offers great convenience, the FAS control panel is accessible from anywhere over the web as its support TCP/IP worldwide connectivity. It also supports map image handling, enabling the user to position the fire alarm system on a user-specified map.

“Our products have been tested successfully to the highest standards ensuring reliable operation to make facilities safer for occupants as well as the installation process easy for integrators. The system is going to be helpful for facilities in the region, especially the ones prone to receiving false alarms triggered by unwanted elements. The launch of FAS further expands our solutions portfolio, and we are pleased to have partnered with AFE to bring it to customers in the region,” said Eiji Ito, Deputy Managing Director, PLSMEA.

“Panasonic is among the most reliable and resilient brands in the industry. Their fire alarm system solutions are an important addition to our growing safety solutions portfolio and we are sure it will improve our onsite installations, increase business efficiency, and further foster customer trust in us,” said Murali Serpakkam, Managing Director, AFE.

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