Home News Kirisun to Launch Next-Generation DMR and PTToC Solutions at CCW 2024
Kirisun to Launch Next-Generation DMR and PTToC Solutions at CCW 2024

Kirisun to Launch Next-Generation DMR and PTToC Solutions at CCW 2024


Kirisun, a pioneer in mission and business-critical communication solutions, is gearing up to captivate audiences at the Critical Communications World (CCW) 2024 in Dubai with its state-of-the-art digital mobile radio (DMR) and push-to-talk over cellular (PTToC) solutions.

Terry Lin, Vice President of Kirisun

Taking place from 14-16 May at Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC), CCW is the world’s premier trade fair for critical communications. Kirisun has detailed its plans to present an impressive array of next-generation innovations that underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and customization.

Terry Lin, Vice President of Kirisun, said: “DMR has become very popular and is widely used across the critical communications landscape. Nowadays more and more public safety organizations are using DMR in a mission-critical context as a more valid and cost-efficient system for the critical communication features they need. Meanwhile, we are also seeing fast increases in using DMR technology on mission-critical communication for government emergency departments and tactical or incident teams. At Kirisun, innovation drives our endeavors. We continuously push the boundaries to ensure our DMR product and solutions evolve with our users’ needs in both business-critical and mission-critical communication areas.”

With CCW 2024 fast approaching, Kirisun will showcase its ETSI TS 102-361 DMR technology and products, these end-to-end professional wireless solutions also offer dispatching, network management, voice recording, and geographic information solutions.

Kirisun will also present its range of PTT products and solutions, which includes the TD60 and TD66, state-of-the-art dual-mode professional radios that support DMR T2, T3, and Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PTToC) functionalities, and are fully packed with features which are designed to fulfill critical communications needs such as secured Bluetooth data transformation and customized voice encoders.

Other key highlights will also include PTToC solutions as Kirisun unveils its versatile KiTalk category that offers tailored solutions to meet specific business-critical communications challenges. Designed for frontline officers, operational vehicles, and control rooms, CCW will enable attendees to become well-versed in Kirisun’s convergence communication system expertise. The company will detail how frontline teams can make better, safer, and more informed decisions with these solutions by maximizing their data usage and communication capabilities across different radio systems.

Lin added: “We always aim to deliver tailored solutions that truly matter. PTToC is an important new broadband technology for the future of critical communications and we are excited to showcase our KiTalk PTToC solutions that offer variants like KiTalk-Cloud, KiTalk-SME, and KiTalk-Pro. Each is designed to address unique sector-specific requirements and offerings like these exemplify our dedication to providing bespoke communication solutions to those we serve. We pride ourselves on recognizing the diverse challenges our users encounter and customization remains pivotal.”

Additionally, Kirisun will present the official launch of its new 4G and 5G body-worn cameras during CCW. Both devices offer user-friendly operation and boast an extended battery life that lasts beyond a full shift. They ensure reliable capture of high-quality video, securely storing and organizing it with precise time, date, and location information. This meticulous approach maintains the integrity of evidence, supporting thorough incident investigations. Furthermore, Kirisun will unveil an exhilarating plan to introduce a groundbreaking Intrinsically Safe Explosion-Proof PTToC radio at CCW. This pioneering device marks the world’s first explosion proof PTToC radio, boasting a meticulously crafted Professional PMR design.


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