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ISS SecurOS Soffit address the challenge of pedestrian accidents

ISS SecurOS Soffit address the challenge of pedestrian accidents


ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, has released its unique SecurOS Soffit Intelligent system of light accompaniment for pedestrians that helps prevent pedestrians being struck on unlit or dark crosswalks.

The solution draws the driver’s attention to the pedestrian by escorting them with dynamic illumination along the pedestrian crossing. The dynamic illumination significantly increases the speed of drivers’ visual-motor response, so they have the ability to brake in time to avoid accidents. The use of SecurOS Soffit provides a significant increase in road safety and reduces the overall number of pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

This pedestrian crisis has ignited the development of vehicle-sensors in most new automobiles. Evolving driver assistance technologies like forward-collision warning, adaptive lighting and pedestrian automatic emergency braking not only keep drivers and passengers safe, but they keep other drivers and pedestrians safe as well. What sets the SecurOS Soffit apart is that it is the only solution on the market designed to operate automatically 24/7 employing video analytics detectors based on artificial intelligence technologies using cameras that are built on an Intel platform.

The solution provides video processing from an IP-camera that can detect pedestrians, determining their location at every moment and tracking their trajectory according to change in their speed. The algorithms are resistant to frame interference from noise like precipitation, trees and shadows falling on pedestrian crossing. Machine learning technologies minimize the chance that the device will respond to a non-human object. The SecurOS Soffit, unlike solutions where static or dynamic illumination of road signs or asphalt at pedestrian crossing markings is used, narrowly focuses the driver’s attention on pedestrians exclusive of other potential distractions.

Interoperability with other traffic violations detection systems also provides a big advantage for this solution. SecurOS Soffit may operate with SecurOS Velox and SecurOS Crossroad and can ensure the detection of traffic violations like:

    • Not giving way to pedestrians,
    • Not following speed limit,
    • Red light driving, driving through stop-sign while red light is active,
    • Bus-lane driving,
    • Wrong-way lane driving,

Not following road signs and many other traffic violations.

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