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ISS launches new Face Mask Detection solution

ISS launches new Face Mask Detection solution


ISS – Intelligent Security Systems, announced the release of the company’s new SecurOS Face Mask Detection (FMD) solution. The solution is designed to help organizations safely and quickly restore, maintain, and further protect operations.

The SecurOS FMD automatically detects when an individual attempts to enter a facility without wearing a face mask where required, and alerts administrators.

“ISS is tackling all of the identity verification and identification security challenges that people wearing face masks present to security and law enforcement officials. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now equally important to know when people are not wearing masks,” said Aluisio Figueiredo, CEO of Intelligent Security Systems. “ISS’ new SecurOS Face Mask Detection solution automatically identifies and alerts administrators when an individual is not wearing a face mask and attempts to enter a facility where a face mask is required.”

ISS FMD is built using advanced neural network-based algorithms to deliver high accuracy with real-time detection, and works with any camera, using off-the-shelf computers, while eliminating the need for any special GPU cards.

The ISS FMD is one component of a new Plan for a Safe Return to Work initiative launched by ISS which integrates four critical components into a comprehensive, easily deployed software-driven solution. Built on the SecurOS platform as its foundation, the holistic solution combines touchless elevated skin temperature detection via thermal camera integration with touchless identification and access control credentialing via FaceX facial recognition, along with ISS FMD.

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