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InfiRay Thermal Cameras Safeguard Oilfields

InfiRay Thermal Cameras Safeguard Oilfields


In the past, oilfield security mainly relied on our security team, requiring the deployment of numerous patrol vehicles every day. With the introduction of the InfiRay 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S XSENTRY, security measures have significantly improved. Its thermal imaging capability scans 360° every two seconds, providing real-time, all-weather coverage. Once someone is detected entering the area, the set electronic fence immediately triggers an alarm.

In a statement, InfiRay claimed, “The actual application of InfiRay’s oilfield surveillance solution in the Middle East region has received high praise from the chief engineer.”

The challenges
For oilfield production companies, the equipment and facilities in the oilfield are often scattered. Manual inspections are challenging to conduct 24/7, and various factors have led to frequent theft incidents in oilfields, resulting in significant economic losses for oilfield production. InfiRay’s oilfield surveillance solution addresses these challenges and ensures oilfield production’s safe and smooth operation.

InfiRay oilfield surveillance solution
The InfiRay 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S XSENTRY, equipped with advanced high-definition infrared stitching technology, is deployed at the top of a 40-meter oilfield tower. It provides real-time surveillance and scanning of the entire oilfield in a 360° view. This system effectively observes various oilfield locations, including oilfields and oil pipeline points, and helps prevent theft incidents.

Solution highlights

360° surveillance without blind spots
Oilfields occupy vast areas requiring a wide, clear, comprehensive view. Traditional products have fixed and narrow surveillance angles, which can easily create blind spots. However, one infrared panoramic radar is equivalent to multiple traditional cameras, capturing a 360° view without blind spots in just 2 seconds, providing an instant panoramic image of the oilfield.

Customizable surveillance area mode
The XSENTRY offers a versatile custom surveillance area mode, allowing users to draw custom surveillance zones. Within these zones, users can designate a “shielded area” to filter out legitimate or non-critical areas, reducing false alarms and improving surveillance efficiency.

Intelligent visible-light linkage
When suspicious targets are detected, the XSENTRY links with visible-light devices to track and zoom in on the targets, capturing and documenting video image information for real-time visualization and rapid target tracking. This capability provides decision-making and command personnel with valuable reference information.

24/7 continuous surveillance in all weather conditions
In oilfields, where there is minimal personnel activity during nighttime, unauthorized individuals can more easily infiltrate and sabotage equipment without detection. Thermal imaging technology compensates for the limitations of visible light, allowing observation of fine details in pitch-black darkness or extreme weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance and guaranteeing oilfield security round the clock.

12μm high-definition imaging, richer details
As a leader in infrared thermal imaging, InfiRay has independently developed the world’s first smallest pixel-sized thermal imaging detector. The 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S is equipped with a 12μm detector, providing richer details and clearer images compared to a 17μm detector with the same image size.

For end-users, the advantages of choosing InfiRay’s 360° Infrared Panoramic E.O.S for oilfield surveillance management are evident. It offers long-range surveillance capabilities and high-resolution infrared imagery and meets the demands of wide-area surveillance.

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