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Hitachi Energy Launches New Hybrid Wireless Router

Hitachi Energy Launches New Hybrid Wireless Router


Hitachi Energy launches the TRO670 hybrid wireless router, the latest addition to its TRO600 series of high-throughput and low-latency industrial wireless communications devices to support a host of smart grid and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications.

The TRO670 incorporates multiple wireless technologies and fiber communication in a ruggedized router, enabling secure, reliable, and flexible wireless communications even in remote and harsh environments. In addition, backward compatibility across the Hitachi Energy wireless product line ensures organizations can extend their communications network without replacing existing infrastructure.

The latest router in the TRO600 series enables utilities, oil and gas companies, and mining operators to establish and expand a unified communications network for the collection and analysis of data from distributed assets.

“Connecting assets scattered across remote or hard-to-reach areas can be difficult due to connectivity limitations, often requiring additional expensive infrastructure, such as cellular towers, to ensure reliability and resiliency of the network,” said Claus Vetter, Head of Automation and Communication at Hitachi Energy. “The TRO670 can be installed in harsh environments on existing outdoor infrastructure to provide reliable yet cost-efficient ways to extend the connectivity of the operating network.”

Hybrid networks enhance reliability, flexibility, and coverage
A hybrid converged network can combine private or public cellular, third-party radios, and broadband mesh, offering versatility and allowing the grid to adapt to different communication needs and scenarios. Cellular communications enable always-on connectivity for energy management and power distribution operations, and broadband mesh ensures a robust wireless connection, enhancing communication reliability and availability. This allows flexibility in network design and optimizes coverage, enabling critical applications such as asset performance management (APM), asset monitoring, grid modernization initiatives, and automated meter reading under a single unified network management system.

The TRO670 features a multi-layer security architecture from the core to the edge. Its certificate-based Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) security leverages public key infrastructure (PKI) to authenticate entities and create secure tunnels across public and private infrastructure. Further, security capabilities are automatically rolled out and extended as customers’ networks expand.

The TRO600 series routers empower customers with enhanced performance, ensuring optimal connectivity for modern smart grid and smart city applications. From streamlined distribution to outage management systems and dispatch, the TRO670 enables efficient operations. Additionally, it supports diverse applications like intelligent transportation systems, EV charging infrastructure, kiosks, CCTV, and smart buildings, providing customers with a comprehensive and versatile communication solution.

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