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Clearfield’s StreetSmart Collector Box saves on fiber cabling space

Clearfield’s StreetSmart Collector Box saves on fiber cabling space


Clearfield, the specialist in fiber management for communication service providers, announced the availability of its StreetSmart Collector Box. Optimized for rapidly growing, high density multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and multi-tenant unit (MTU) environments, the StreetSmart Collector Box solves one of the key congestion points in fiber delivery for network operators and building owners, paving the way for faster fiber delivery to support the variety of services and applications residential and retail customers require.

The StreetSmart Collector Box provides an interface between the PON wall box, typically located in the basement or off-site, to the wall box located on each floor, eliminating common congestion challenges in vertical pathway scenarios. This significantly reduces installation and repair times by reducing the amount of cable that installers must manage which helps accelerate deployment times and generate the greater revenue opportunity presented by fiber.

The Clearfield’s StreetSmart Collector Box removes the need for individual cable routing from each floor to the PON box by gathering multiple floors into a single box. From the Collector Box, a single fiber cable is routed down the vertical pathway instead of individual cables from each floor. A multi-fiber push-on connector (MPO) is then used to connect the Collector Box to the floor box for an easy, time-saving solution.

“The business case for full-fiber isn’t solely an amenity offered to tenants but is now an avenue for building owners to offer high-value services such as video surveillance, and partner with service providers facing real estate challenges in placing radios and small cells to accelerate 5G availability,” said Kevin Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer at Clearfield. “By addressing one of the biggest hurdles of fiber deployment and management in MDUs/MTUs, we are preparing our customers to succeed in what is shaping up to be a booming fiber deployment opportunity for operators and building owners as they look to serve residential and retail customers and serve as a tower for fixed wireless and 5G services.”

The StreetSmart Collector Box is Telcordia GR-771 compliant, utilizes the standard 216 locking mechanism and supports up to eight MPO adapters. The swing out bulkhead separates the vertical cable from the horizontal runs which reduces accidental disruption of circuits. The box can be configured with a factory-installed cable assembly or plug-and-play with a customer provided assembly.

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