Home Cyber Security Gallagher Security releases free cyber audit tool to identify vulnerabilities
Gallagher Security releases free cyber audit tool to identify vulnerabilities

Gallagher Security releases free cyber audit tool to identify vulnerabilities


A free cyber audit tool has been released to its customers by a global security technology provider in integrated access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter protection, in what it believes is an industry first.

Gallagher Security has unveiled its Security Health Check (SHC) tool to help its customers identify and understand potential vulnerabilities within their security system.

Gallagher Security customers can use the SHC utility free to run an automated check via their Command Centre system at any time, reducing the time and expense of performing regular manual audits.

SHC identifies system vulnerabilities, assesses the severity of the threat and provides specific recommendations to mitigate the risk and ensure correct system configuration. It also provides a mechanism to compare against earlier audit results to ensure organisations can track improvement over time and better plan system upgrades.

Steve Bell, Chief Technology Officer at Gallagher Security said “We designed SHC to give sites ownership of the state of their system as security risks and system vulnerabilities aren’t static. It’s important to us to promote and support a culture of ongoing improvement within our industry.”

SHC proactively addresses the ever-evolving threat of cyber-attack, while supporting sites to protect the data held within their access control system.

“Security systems can be vulnerable to cyber-attack for a variety of reasons and the consequences can be significant,” said Bell. “A cyber breach via security systems can potentially allow access to personal data, restricted areas and intellectual property, it could also lead to unauthorised control over HVAC, lighting and building systems in order to disrupt operations.”

Gallagher believes that in today’s world of evolving threats, it’s no longer enough to supply the tools and walk away. As the first manufacturer to offer a system audit tool of this kind, Gallagher hopes to inspire the security industry to become more transparent with its customers and empower them to better understand their vulnerabilities.

Gallagher dedicates significant resource to the research and development of cyber-secure solutions and has a commitment to helping customers gain full visibility and a deep understanding of how their system works.

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