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The UAE is on track to be one of the world’s leading smart cities in the world in the very near future, so what does that mean for our homes? Smart digital technology is something that is making its way into all our homes and can help make life much easier.

In the UAE, developers are now frequently collaborating with technology leaders to provide solutions to home buyers – equipping homes with the latest network infrastructure, cloud based safety and smart solutions. Whilst other authorities, such as utilities and telecoms, are also heavily investing in improving the lives of UAE residents by providing customised, digital smart home solutions.

However, you don’t need to necessarily move to a new house to benefit from a smart home. Whether looking to update on a small or a large scale, you can take simple steps to update your own home.

ADCB believes that everybody should have the accessibility and convenience of technological advances that support your life at home, therefore have put together some top tips on digitally transforming your home for better.

Why should you go smart?
A smart home is an intuitive one. For example, lights, air conditioning, audio visual, security systems and major appliances can all be connected and controlled whether you are at home or abroad through an internet connection.

Here are some ways you can evolve your house into a smart home

1. The first thing to consider when making changes to the interior is equipping your home with enough power outlets at pre-decided points for easy connectivity of all devices.

2. Network your home with strong ethernet cables for easy installation of smart hub devices in accessible spots. These are the main players in any smart home as they can run with multiple devices connected to them.

3. Ensure that you have a strong wireless connection, which has an extendable router in your rooms for better connection. The router should be placed in the center of the room so that all devices are able to access the internet. It is important that you have fast internet speed as multiple devices will be connected along with anyone also using the internet at home.

Many retailers across the UAE are already offering a range of smart home solutions at varying prices for your budget. Here are some top smart devices available to you now.

1. Virtual Home Assistants allow you to control all your smart devices at home by using your voice. You can connect your smart lights, air conditioning, music and other devices to the making it easier for you to control and access them.

2. Smart Locks are designed to help you open house doors with a tap of a finger by communicating with the Bluetooth on your phone.

3. Smart Doorbells let you answer your door from your phone. They are also equipped with a camera meaning that you can see and often speak to the person at the door.

4. Smart Home Security Cameras mean you can keep a close watch on your house while you are away at work or even on a holiday. Or, if you have a pet, they are also the ideal solution to monitoring them whilst you are out of the house. These cameras can also send you motion activated alerts to your phone with a built-in siren, so if needed, you can trigger the alarm and take necessary action. These come in the form of indoor and outdoor.

5. Smart Lights come with a Wi-Fi enabling bridge, dimmers and a remote allowing you to control your lights through your personal device or through voice assistant.

6. Smart Air Conditioning helps save energy by bringing your home to the right temperature before you arrive. It learns your habits, adjusts itself and makes it convenient for you.

7. Say goodbye to vacuum and mop floors by using the Smart Cleaning device. This device will do all the dirty cleaning work by using navigation software and sensors to map out the most efficient route and automatically avoid obstructions that come in its way.

Smart solutions in homes are growing rapidly and show no sign of stopping. Home automation and monitoring solutions, give you full control over your home by saving energy and in the simplest form, by connecting itself to the Wi-Fi.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your home or plan to make these changes in your newly bought property, choose the right kind of smart solutions and make your home the smart home of the future.

Written by Kaizar Patla, Head of Consumer Assets at ADCB


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