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ESET refreshes business product portfolio for better protection

ESET refreshes business product portfolio for better protection


ESET, has announced a refresh of its line of business products to help organizations of all sizes prevent cybercriminals from playing havoc with their networks. The ESET PROTECT platform has undergone a host of changes to assist IT admins in managing the security risks in their environments, and popular Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution ESET Inspect is available from the cloud and has been rebranded as “ESET Inspect Cloud”. In addition, several of ESET’s endpoint solutions for Windows, macOS, and Android have also undergone a significant evolution.
For more than 30 years, ESET has continued to invest heavily in multiple layers of proprietary technology that prevent breaches of its customers’ endpoints and systems, by both known and never-before-seen threats.

“We are a force for the progress that digital technology enables. Our objective is to provide the digital security that keeps an organization’s systems working smoothly and securely,” comments Pavol Balaj, Segment Director at ESET. “No modern business, large or small, can survive without an effective response in the face of an IT breach. We believe, that by employing ESET´s strong prevention, detection and response technologies delivered in the form our expandable ESET PROTECT platform, businesses can benefit from the most densely multilayered and effective protection in the industry.”

About the all-new ESET Inspect Cloud
ESET Inspect Cloud is a sophisticated cloud-based tool, which enables the ESET PROTECT platform to evolve into an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution for enterprise-grade security and risk management capabilities, including advanced threat hunting, incident response, full network visibility, cloud-based threat defense, and more. ESET Inspect Cloud identifies post-execution malicious code, while ESET PROTECT gives the user full visibility of the response.

About the all-new ESET PROTECT
The ESET PROTECT platform has been enhanced with ESET’s customers in mind, with the main objective being in assisting IT admins to better manage the security risks in their environments. Firstly, an auto-update mechanism ensures that all ESET Endpoint agents and implemented solutions are always up to date, lightening the burden on IT admins’ shoulders. Secondly, an in-depth integration of ESET Inspect Cloud and the ESET PROTECT platform allows for a much smoother experience, with sleeker dashboards and more streamlined deployments. Furthermore, ESET PROTECT will now offer a dashboard for ESET LiveGuard Advanced, an advanced threat defense solution with cloud sandboxing included within one of its layers, that analyzes suspicious files submitted by endpoints for new or previously unseen threats.

For admins to better defend businesses in the remote work era, ESET PROTECT will include the new Brute-Force Attack Protection module for ESET Endpoint Security products for Windows. Combining reputation data from the cloud with password-guessing and honeypot systems, ESET’s Brute-Force Attack Protection module blocks repetitive infiltration attempts. Finally, with the expected growth of ARM64 hardware reaching employees’ hands due to increased processing demands from new technologies such as high-resolution displays, realistic 3D gaming and voice recognition, ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus will now offer ARM64 builds.

In addition, a new web control feature in ESET PROTECT Cloud allows IT admins to regulate employees’ access to websites from their Android mobile devices. Using built-in categories and custom rules, admins can blacklist, whitelist, or warn about URLs that lead to sites with harmful content.

For Mac users, ESET has also released a new version of ESET Endpoint Antivirus, built with a microservices architecture that replaces the previous monolithic one. As a result, ESET Endpoint Antivirus has an improved multithreaded design for faster scanning; is more stable as failed components can automatically restart instead of causing the entire application to crash; has better security isolation because components can run with non-privileged user rights; and is compatible with Apple M1 devices via Rosetta 2.

For businesses that don’t have the internal expertise to provide optimal protection, ESET Professional Services complement the various updates to ESET’s business security software solutions. Organizations can tap into the tools and knowledge of ESET’s team of experts to diagnose and solve the unique information security challenges of their business. It is progress, protected. ESET offers a catalog of defined services, from implementation and customization to training and support where organizations can reap the full benefits of services such ESET’s Managed Detection & Response without having to build an in-house team of cybersecurity experts or maximize their security by adding a “second pair of eyes” to augment their existing team.

As a privately owned, tech-focused company, ESET has always taken a science-based, security-first approach, with early adoption of machine learning and cloud computing power to develop its global threat intelligence systems. The company has continuously been named a top player and a leader in the industry for its business solutions.

“With these various updates to our product portfolio, we’ve created a wealth of diagnostic systems to prevent malicious code entering the corporate network. When a threat is identified, our technologies detect and respond – while keeping organizations informed – and ESET’s systems worldwide are immediately primed to search out similar threats. It is a case of safety in numbers,” adds Balaj.

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