Home News EDGE Group Partner SIATT Bags Contract For Brazil’s Maritime Security Project
EDGE Group Partner SIATT Bags Contract For Brazil’s Maritime Security Project

EDGE Group Partner SIATT Bags Contract For Brazil’s Maritime Security Project


Brazilian high-tech system specialist, SIATT, in which EDGE Group holds a 50% shareholding, has announced that it has been awarded a strategically important pilot project to supply secure communications technology for the surveillance and protection of Brazil’s entire coastal infrastructure.

The project, known as ‘Sistema de Gerenciamento da Amazonia Azul’ (SisGAAz), will play a crucial role in supporting Brazil’s ‘Blue Amazon’ maritime protection programme, which is considered one of the most critically important projects in the country.

SisGAAz will be an integral component of the ‘Blue Amazon Management System’, which aims to continuously monitor and protect all maritime areas of interest and inland waters, including marine life resources, ports, vessels, and maritime infrastructure. This will safeguard against threats, environmental disasters, and support during emergencies, potential hostilities, piracy or illegal smuggling, thereby enhancing national security and development.

EDGE’s support to SIATT for SisGAAz was instrumental in its successful selection over some of the world’s largest industry players, who also bid for project. Both companies will work together for continued co-development and knowledge transfer in the areas of artificial intelligence, data fusion, coastal radar technology, and autonomous air, land, and maritime systems. The partners will also work together on the construction of an integration laboratory, communication training centre, and a simulation centre. The first communications tower will be positioned at Arraial do Cabo, east of Rio de Janeiro.

Rogerio Salvador, CEO and one of the founders of SIATT, said: “This is a major development for SIATT, and our partners at EDGE and the Brazilian Navy. We are tremendously proud of this vote of confidence in our experience and expertise in the provision of technologically advanced communications and radar systems and solutions to protect Brazil’s immense maritime resources and infrastructure.”

Blue Amazon covers Brazil’s entire coastal area of 5.7 million square kilometres, equal to 67% of Brazil’s entire territory, and includes its territorial waters, Atlantic island territories, and the Exclusive Economic Zone, which stretches for 200 nautical miles from the coast and will eventually reach as far as the Continental Shelf. The area sees 10% of global maritime traffic, 95% of Brazil’s imports and exports, and 95% of its domestic oil production.

Founded in 2015, and based in the city of São José dos Campos, SIATT specialises in the integration of systems with high technological content, providing solutions to the demands of the defence and aerospace sectors.

SIATT’s product portfolio includes intelligent weapons such as missiles and guided munitions, and their integration onto aircraft, naval vessels, and tanks and other land vehicles. Additionally, SIATT also excels in the development of radars, sensors, and avionics systems technologies.


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