Home News Digifort to Demo VMS Solutions at Intersec Dubai 2018
Digifort to Demo VMS Solutions at Intersec Dubai 2018

Digifort to Demo VMS Solutions at Intersec Dubai 2018


Digifort, a company know for IP VMS solutions will be exhibiting at Intersec Dubai 2018. The company will show off its tech solutions in the areas of digital intelligence, surveillance, corporate and urban security.

Digifort says that its Facial Recognition powered by Sentinel Digifort face biometric system is very powerful and allows to differentiate between persons that look alike even on galleries of thousands of enrolled people. Digifort Facial Recognition is able to recognize a person:

  • Wearing glasses even if your registered photo is without the glasses (assuming the glasses do not obstruct the eyes of the person).
  • With a beard and mustache (facials) even if your recorded photo is missing that information.
  • Wearing a hat/cap ( assuming the hat do not obstruct the face of the person).
  • Heavy make-up.

The solution is also able to create multiple profiles of people in the database of recognition (black or white list), where each person profile can have several images of that person. “You can import faces into the system, provided that the facial images meet the minimum import. Faces can be imported one by one, or in a batch,” said the company in a statement.

Digifort FR has the ability to search for a person based on:

  • The camera that the person could have passed.
  • Based on the time/date.
  • Locate a person based on the search by First Name or Last Name.
  • Based on a photo taken previously from a person.

“All search results must be associated with a photo of a person and optionally by a video sequence obtained through the cameras. Come and visit Digifort at stand S1-F10, Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre for a demonstration and depth in innovative VMS solutions,” concluded the company.

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