Home Camera DFRobot announced the release of HuskyLens
DFRobot announced the release of HuskyLens

DFRobot announced the release of HuskyLens


Robotics and open source hardware provider, DFRobot today announced the release of HuskyLens, an easy-to-use, artificial intelligence vision sensor designed to enhance innovation for makers and individuals who strive to be both the creators and consumers of tech.

Founded on three key features of the user-experience – click, learn, and play – HuskyLens’ AI technology saves creators’ time from the jargon-heavy image-processing algorithms, and through the ‘knowledge’ acquisition of each image capture, provides a seamless user experience.

On the cutting-edge of AI technology, HuskyLens adopts a new generation of AI, the specialised Kendryte K210 chip and has an algorithmic processing speed that is 1,000 times faster than most similar products on the market, reading up to 30 frames per second.

Targeting the makers, this innovative AI camera is compatible with a range of applications including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, LattePanda, and micro:bit, ensuring that makers can take their inventions to the next level, irrespective of their preferred programming platform.

Ricky Ye, CEO of DFRobot said “HuskyLens has been designed with creators and makers in mind, and has infused the latest AI technology with compact design and exceptionally fast processors to ensure that users are only limited by their imagination.”

“Our development team has worked incredibly hard to develop such a fantastic product and I look forward to seeing the different ways that HuskyLens is utilised by our community of innovators.”


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