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Dahua launches new-generation wireless alarm system

Dahua launches new-generation wireless alarm system


Dahua Technology, releases a series of wireless alarm products, including Alarm Hub, PIR Detector, Door Detector, Keyfob, Repeater, Input Expander, Indoor & Outdoor Siren, etc.

The new product range features easy installation, stable connectivity, user-friendly mobile management and other advanced functions, the system provides modern homes and commercial buildings with tangible protection through invisible connection.

As the core of this wireless alarm system, the Hub supports connection of up to 150 wireless peripherals through 433MHz or 868MHz RF band. Reliable RF communication technology – such as frequency hopping – is adopted to enhance the anti-interference capability of signal transmission between the Hub and peripherals. The two-way communication mechanism makes it very convenient to obtain configuration and status information of various devices and update them via the mobile app.

Moreover, the Hub has multiple networking modes such as Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, GPRS, 3G, and 4G, which can be combined as preferred and alternative to ensure reliable communication with the Cloud platform or ARC.

In addition, the dual-system redundant backup capability of the system enables it to quickly respond to abnormalities (e.g. upgrade failure), which further improves its operation stability. With built-in batteries, all the devices can be quickly and easily installed.

The system offers real-time notifications and remote operation features via mobile app. End users and installers can download DMSS and COS Pro to view the equipment status in real time and conveniently manage their alarm devices anytime and anywhere.

Thanks to its superior interconnectivity, the Dahua wireless alarm system can connect to a Dahua NVR/XVR and Android VTH (via LAN) through customization without any software. It is also compatible with CCTV, ACS, Video Intercom, and other third-party wired systems, allowing flexible integration and customization of comprehensive security applications.

Boasting easy-to-use wireless communication, multiple networking modes and mobile app accessibility, the Dahua wireless alarm system is an ideal choice for homes, apartments, offices and shops. For homeowners, they don’t need to damage their original decoration, nor do they need to deploy complex networking and cabling. Installers can save on installation costs and enable convenient device configuration and management via COS Pro mobile app. System developers can benefit from the cloud service and standard docking protocols such as SIA DC-09, significantly reducing their operation and maintenance workload.

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