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Dahua introduced its “Heart of City” strategy during Intersec

Dahua introduced its “Heart of City” strategy during Intersec


Dahua introduced its “Heart of City (HOC)” strategy during Intersec 2019. The General Manager of Dahua Technology Middle East, Xin Chen kicked off the launch conference and shared the new strategy with the guests.

“Bringing HOC to the overseas markets not only fully showcased the world-leading position of Dahua Technology in driving smart city transformation but also our long-term dedication to serve the Middle East market based on our mission of enabling a safer society and smarter living,” said Chen.

Later on, Nash Zhang, Public Security Expert from Overseas Business Center of Dahua Technology, made a detailed presentation on HOC. “The smart city is experiencing rapid development in the last 10 years and has entered the stage of new development with smart city 2.0 framework. However, many problems and challenges are remained unresolved. For example, the Passive Sensing and Partial Intelligence, the Data Island and severe network security threats are the main challenges. Meanwhile, how to effectively utilise the new city resource, “Data”, to help the decision-making of urban construction and planning, has become a major subject,” said Zhang.

“To solve these problems, we put forward the idea of “HOC”, which is in line with the top-level design experience from hundreds of city projects. And we believe that the maturity of 5 great technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT and 5G will enable the evolution of smart city 3.0 and bring great changes to our life.”

First released at Security China 2018, Dahua Heart of City is a smart city development engine supported by Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing, and Full Ecosystem (4 Full) capabilities. It realises the construction of a “1 platform, 2 centres, N applications” (1+2+N) new smart city framework for application at the city, industry, and commercial level.

Visitors explored the company’s up-to-the-minute innovations in artificial intelligence, deep learning, cloud computing, IoT, etc. and how these cutting-edge technologies can be applied to various vertical industry solutions supported by HOC such as Safe City, Smart Retail, Smart Building, Smart Energy, etc. Besides, Dahua core products represented by polar light, Thermal, Panoramic, HDCVI 5.0 and consumer brand Imou were also displayed.



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