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Advancements in video analytics and AI transforming modern surveillance

Advancements in video analytics and AI transforming modern surveillance


Novel technologies, including artificial intelligence are playing an imperative role in transforming a range of industrial sectors. Despite being at a relatively nascent stage, the adoption of artificial intelligence for video surveillance and VSaaS (video surveillance as a service) market is witnessing a notable growth.

The video surveillance and VSaaS market is predominantly driven by technological innovations and the trend is set to continue in the coming years. Advancements made by machine learning, which is largely used for video analytics is gradually influencing the uptake of video surveillance systems and VSaaS.

In the past few years, the demand for video surveillance systems has gained immense popularity, owing to mounting safety and security concern demands. At present, video surveillance systems are extensively used across various settings, including government buildings, retail shops, shopping malls, public places, residential societies, commercial buildings, etc. Manually operated surveillance systems paved the way for automated systems with higher reliability and efficiencies.

In the current scenario, traditional video surveillance systems are gradually being replaced by technologically advanced IP-based video surveillance and VSaaS. Within the video surveillance and VSaaS market, IP-based video surveillance and VSaaS is projected to remain the most prominent type of video surveillance system and is estimated to reach a value of ~US$ 104 Bn and hold a market share of ~80% by 2027.

The growing adoption of IP-based video surveillance systems is predominantly driven by enhanced processing capabilities and compression algorithms. Furthermore, advanced surveillance systems are increasingly being used to identify abnormal behavior and patterns in different videos by leveraging novel technologies, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, and pattern recognition. Traditional analog video surveillance systems are losing their novelty, as reliable and superior IP-based video surveillance systems are entering the video surveillance systems and VSaaS market.

The demand for IP-based video surveillance systems is expected to grow due to significant innovations in security, network offerings, and most importantly dwindling costs of specialized products. Moreover, innovations are also playing a key role in minimizing the costs associated with the deployment of surveillance infrastructure.

For instance, the advent of 360o video capturing technology has enabled users to replace around three to four Pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras. The newly developed 360o video capturing technology is expected to be one of the most groundbreaking inventions within the video surveillance and VSaaS market.

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