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A10 Networks to Turn Spotlight on Digital Resiliency At Black Hat MEA

A10 Networks to Turn Spotlight on Digital Resiliency At Black Hat MEA


A10 Networks has announced its participation at Black Hat MEA, the premier Infosec event taking place between 15-17 November at the Riyadh Front Exhibtion Centre, Saudi Arabia. The company will demonstrate its entire portfolio of on-premises and cloud-native security solutions designed to drive digital resiliency and protect enterprise applications and infrastructure against cyber attacks.

Speaking about the company’s participation at the event, Rayan Mohtasib, Regional Sales Manager at A10 Networks says, “The world has changed irrevocably, and the pace of digital transformation globally as well as in Saudi Arabia has acclerated beyond expectations. The escalating threat landscape is a cause of great concern for regional organizations. A breach can happen unexpectedly at any point in time, and every second is critical when it comes to protection and remediation.

Organisations are now laser-focused on digital resiliency, moving to the cloud and how they can shore up their defences. Companies in the Kingdom must continue to invest in modern technologies that enable automation and protection that strike the balance between defence and agility for an increasingly multifacted infrastructure, ensuring that business-critical applications are protected, reliable, and always available. Looking to the future, the adoption of cybersecurity initiatives will likely become higher, and this includes Zero Trust models.”

“With our position and depth of experience in the security domain, we see Black Hat MEA as the perfect platform to educate the market about the need for security automation and also spread awareness about A10 Networks’ AI-driven application and network security solutions.”

During the event, executives from A10 Networks will run a series of presentations delivered on the booth daily, with the intention of helping educate CIOs and IT managers about IT security best practices and strategies to combat the latest cyberthreats including DDoS attacks and the propagation of malware and botnets. The company will also showcase the following technologies:

Web Security: A10 Networks protects users from modern encrypted threats on the internet by leveraging multi-layered security services, leading to stronger enterprise perimeter security and enhanced productivity. The company’s secure web gateway solution allows you to gain full control and visibility of your traffic, with granular, per-user policies that protect from internet-borne cyber attacks.

TLS/SSL Inspection: Ensures that enterprise networks are protected from SSL/TLS encrypted cyber attacks by enabling SSL/TLS decrypted traffic inspection via a company’s enterprise perimeter security infrastructure.

DDoS Protection: A10 helps address the growing problem of multi-vector and IoT-based DDoS attacks to avoid business downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputation. A10 Thunder® Threat Protection System (TPS) is the scalable and automated DDoS protection solution powered by advanced machine learning leading the industry in precision, scalability, and performance.

5G Security: A10 Networks is a leader in next-generation security technology for mobile operators worldwide—and the solution provider of choice for carriers undertaking 5G transformation. 5G requires high-performance, software-based security. 5G security is critical for new use cases such as connected cars or tele-mentored surgery, which will drive stringent new security and latency requirements, as disruptions could be catastrophic. A10 Networks’ 5G security suite provides highly flexible advanced security at strategic locations in the mobile network, delivering unprecedented performance and scalability in software – VNFs, container, bare metal – or physical form factors as needed.

Zero Trust Model: Employing Zero Trust principles can not only protect networks but also ensure that they are not being used to launch attacks. A10’s security-led solutions for DDoS protection, TLS/SSL inspection of encrypted traffic and application delivery security capabilities can provide identity-based and context-based Zero Trust policies for specific enforced access.

Simplifying multi-cloud Operations and Strengthening Security: A10 Networks has just announced the launch of Harmony Controller as-a-service, Release 5.4. It provides centralized management and analytics for A10 secure application services including A10 Thunder ADC, SSLi, CFW, and CGN in multi-cloud environments for application configuration and policy enforcement. It is available on self-managed (on-premises/cloud) and as-a-service.

A10 Networks will be exhibiting from Hall 4, Booth A30.

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