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Trellix Launches CISO Council with Top Cybersecurity Experts

Trellix Launches CISO Council with Top Cybersecurity Experts


Trellix has announced its new Mind of the CISO initiative, bringing global attention to the needs of the CISO community. The collaborative efforts span an inaugural CISO Council, research, and webinars.

Trellix’s CISO Council is founded on the principle of information sharing. The council brings together global influential experts to educate the industry on the challenges and solutions needed to effect change. Members will participate in Trellix-hosted events around the world and will also provide insightful contributed content. Inaugural members include:

  • Ala Asali, Chief Security Officer, Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia
  • Ayed (Ed) Sleiman, Head of Special Projects/Former CISO, KAUST, UAE
  • Ariel Picans, CISO, Banco Delta, Panama
  • Everett Bates, Chief Information Security Officer, EverView, U.S.
  • Harold Rivas, Chief Information Security Officer, Trellix
  • Jim Jenkins, VP, Information Security & ISO, Vantage West Credit Union, U.S.
  • Jose Vicente Vidal, Head of Global Security Operations, BBVA, Spain
  • Rob Labbé, CEO & CISO-in-Residence, Mining and Metals ISAC, Canada
  • Shamoun Siddiqui, Chief Information Security Officer, Neiman Marcus Group, U.S.

“CISOs face new challenges resulting from the rapidly changing threat landscape, the advents of AI and other disruptive technologies, and regulatory changes,” said Harold Rivas, CISO at Trellix. “As chief defenders, we must actively collaborate with our peers to identify successful ways to navigate these challenges. Collaboration is one of the most potent tools we have.”

According to Trellix’s 2023 Mind of the CISO research, the top challenges CISOs face are too many sources of information, the changing regulatory landscape, a growing attack surface, and the lack of skilled talent on their teams. AI is the newest change they need to navigate. Cybercriminals use AI to hone their skills while Security Operations teams benefit from automation and insights. To ensure a level playing field between good and bad actors, Trellix supports CISOs’ effective use of their current tools and shape future solutions.

Trellix’s Mind of the CISO highlights the need for increased engagement and support for CISOs, and this new initiative will create additional resources and pathways to support collaboration between CISOs and key stakeholders in their organizations. Trellix will host virtual summits, workshops, and webinars throughout the second half of 2023 and beyond, while continuing to add members to the CISO Council.


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