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Shared priorities to bring international community to GCF in Riyadh

Shared priorities to bring international community to GCF in Riyadh


Global thought leaders, decision makers, and cybersecurity experts will convene again in Riyadh for the Global Cybersecurity Forum (GCF) on 8th – 9th November of this year.

This year’s event will be held under the theme of ‘Charting Shared Priorities in Cyberspace’ and will build directly from the outcomes and insights of the successful 2022 GCF event, aiming to advance the global cyber community towards aligning on strategic priorities, expanding future opportunities, and deepening multi-stakeholder engagement.

In the midst of ever-greater global challenges – from widespread economic turmoil to geostrategic competition, cyberspace remains a critical domain of importance for businesses and countries alike, transcending physical and conceptual borders. Given the pervasiveness of the domain, cybersecurity represents both a central imperative and a tremendous opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders.

GCF 2023 seeks to expand dialogue on these diverse challenges and opportunities, advance knowledge generation, and steer collaborative efforts. The forum will be divided into five thought-provoking sub-themes.

Cyberspace Amidst Polycrisis: Advancing collective action for cyber stability will look at how multilateral cybersecurity can be progressed in a global environment of overlapping crises and institutional challenges.

Cyber Growth Unlocked: Harnessing markets, incentives, and global public cyber goods delves into how cyber economics can be steered, driving growth of the cybersecurity sector to meet current and future challenges and needs.

Across Cyber Divides: Building a human-centered and inclusive cyberspace, asks how we can bridge social and development divides across stakeholders and within organizations and institutions.

Inside Cyber Minds: Exploring behavioral levers and motivations in cyberspace maps the behavioral and psychological aspects of cybersecurity and cybercrime, illuminating the impacts of behavior and decision-making in cyberspace.

The final subtheme, Emerging Cyber Horizons: Maximizing the benefits of paradigm-shifting technologies, considers the future of emerging technologies and their cybersecurity dimensions, and how we can harness their accelerative properties.

The GCF, hosted by the National Cybersecurity Authority (NCA), was launched in February 2020, during the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s G20 Presidency, as a global platform aiming to build a more resilient and better cyberspace for all. The platform emphasizes the importance of international collaboration among diverse stakeholders and nations to accomplish this goal.


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