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Securing the IoT space

Securing the IoT space


Anand Choudha, the CEO for Spectrami elaborates on how the IoT market is evolving and the solutions that it offers for securing IoT space.

Anand Choudha, CEO at Spectrami

How would you describe the market for IoT?
The IoT space that we see today is divided into two segments; IoT for the consumers world and IoT for the industrial and business world. Looking into the business aspect of IoT, it is relatively in a nascent stage but going by the statistics and independent analyst reports, it is catching up fast and the IoT market in the Middle East alone seems to be growing by 10-15%. IoT is one such technology that is here to stay and is going to transform the entire industry.

What are the top sectors driving the IoT space?
The IoT space came into being by automating and giving intelligence to devices that we see around and integrating it with a bigger network. Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, Utilities, Energy are few sectors of the economy, which are going to drive the IoT space. 5G is touted as a game changer for IoT and that is expected to have a different outlook in the years to come.

Which are the key solutions offered by Spectrami for IoT security?
At Spectrami, we are focused on cybersecurity and further address end to end solutions for infrastructure applications and industrial control (including IoT). Looking into our product portfolio, we showcase two strong offerings for IoT security space. Those are ‘Vulnerability Management’ by Tenable and ‘Security Analytics’ by Securonix. Vulnerability Management handles the IoT security and examines the vulnerabilities that exist in the IoT space. And, on the other hand, Securonix is more on security analytics. It uses Hadoop database and gives visibility to the network for maximum cybersecurity analysis.

How to secure large networks of IIoT devices?
Architecture and deployment are the key factors to secure large networks. To ensure that the adoption is done in the right way, the product should be deployed and architected into the network properly. There also needs to be continuous monitoring and assessment to ensure that the network is up, running and secure. Relying on established brands is the best bet for proper security in IoT. With this, there are lower chances of having vulnerabilities as established players comprehend and incorporate the security aspects in their offerings.

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