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Oracle NetSuite Project 360 deliver projects on time and within budget

Oracle NetSuite Project 360 deliver projects on time and within budget


Oracle NetSuite announced NetSuite Project 360, a new dashboard within NetSuite SuiteProjects to help services-based businesses efficiently manage projects for their clients. Oracle NetSuite Project 360 provides a centralized view of key metrics, reports, statuses, and resources, from across SuiteProjects to give project managers greater insight into vital project information.

Gary Wiessinger, SVP of product management, Oracle NetSuite

This solution helps project managers minimize administrative tasks and quickly identify projects needing attention and take the appropriate corrective action.

“One of the biggest challenges facing services businesses is lack of visibility into project status, budget, and forecast, which hinders project managers’ ability to easily gauge project health and act if needed,” said Gary Wiessinger, SVP of product management, Oracle NetSuite. “At NetSuite, we pride ourselves in delivering what we call ‘Suiteness’ for our customers, which is our unique ability to unify insights and actions across their entire business. Project 360 is a perfect example of this by providing customers with a unified view across projects, customers, employees, and financials, enabling project managers to be more proactive and take steps to keep projects on time and on budget.”

Project 360 enhances NetSuite SuiteProjects, which combines CRMHR and accounting/ERP, to provide customers with a comprehensive platform to run a services business. It can bring data from across SuiteProjects into a single dashboard, giving customers a centralized view into vital project information and enabling them to easily monitor KPIs. It can also decrease administrative time by giving project managers access to navigate to specific areas of the projects from one localized workspace. With Project 360, project managers can optimize:

  • Project Budget Analysis: Helps project managers understand if sufficient budget remains to complete a project by analyzing spend and allocation. In addition, Project Forecast Estimate at Completion (EAC) helps calculate if the project will be delivered within the original budget.
  • Project Billing: Helps project managers rectify and send invoices when necessary by enabling display of how much is currently billable to the client and what has yet to be billed.
  • Project Profitability: Helps project managers determine if a project is making the desired profitability based on recognized revenue and total costs to date.
  • Project Resourcing: Helps project managers understand the resources dedicated to a project by providing a “social view” (names and pictures) of the project team, a visualization of the project Gantt chart, and insights into how much time each resource has spent against the total for each assignment.
  • Project Health and Status: Helps project managers quickly and easily access specific information on project health and status including billing and revenue, budgets, resourcing and planning, and financials.
  • Client Information: Gives project managers an upfront synopsis of the client and surfaces client contact information and data.
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