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Omnix highlights the importance of Building Information Modelling

Omnix highlights the importance of Building Information Modelling


Omnix has over the past few months, along with Abu Dhabi Municipality and Autodesk have developed and conducted several online as well as an in-person panel discussion and roundtables that have provided Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) customers with deeper insights into making the smooth transition to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Simran Bagga, Head of Engineering at Omnix International

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure more efficiently. BIM collaboration software makes the construction process more accessible by putting models into the hands of the entire project team in a coordinated fashion to accelerate reviews and identify and resolve challenges earlier. This eliminates many inefficiencies in the planning phase, saving costs during the construction process. McKinsey found that 75% of companies that have adopted BIM reported positive returns on their investments.

Simran Bagga, Head of Engineering, Omnix International, said, “We understand how important it is for us to educate customers on the upcoming BIM mandates. The events that Omnix has been conducting are not only facilitating this objective but are also playing a huge part in bringing together industry leaders and peers and enabling discussions around BIM software and how the city can benefit from it.”

Omnix has made major inroads into educating customers by facilitating platforms, where they can interact with industry leaders and understand the importance of BIM. The company has helped organizations embark onto their digital transformation journeys, where all stakeholders ranging from designers to consultants, contractors and architects understand how their role will be transformed and the protocols they need to adhere to. Additionally, it is necessary for all CAD users to learn and understand how they can leverage different Autodesk software solutions to round off the implementation process and close the loop.

“The BIM focused events that Omnix has conducted have been an eye opener on how customers are keen to learn about the implications of the BIM mandates. The open discussions have thrown up hours of valid material that have addressed relevant industry challenges especially in relation to the transition phase. Other areas of interest included qualification criteria as well as best practices. As a long-standing partner for Autodesk in the Middle East, we are committed to showcase how the specific BIM solutions will help improve productivity within the construction sector and support our customers with the right training and consultation through this transition across planning and execution,” added Bagga.

BIM tools, such as Autodesk’s Revit and BIM 360, automate time-consuming tasks such as quantifying and applying costs, allowing estimators to focus on higher value factors, such as identifying construction assemblies and factoring risks. BIM 360 not only connects BIM data and 3D models into construction management workflows, but it also ensures everyone has the latest plans and updates, shares information, and notifies the right people when issues are detected, or change orders are made.

Omnix has successfully organized a total of five BIM education events, three in the UAE and one each in Bahrain and Oman. The events have been extremely successful with high number of attendees including several government entities.

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