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Know what is cloud security system?

Know what is cloud security system?

Suzi Abell, Senior Director of Global Marketing at 3xLOGIC

For decades, security solutions have provided business owners with the peace of mind that their property is protected when they’re not there. Whether it’s to manage theft, have remote access control, or receive real-time data insights, the 24/7 monitoring helps keep you in control.

With the evolution of technology, security and SaaS solutions have improved to better serve the needs of businesses who need a comprehensive surveillance system. For business owners seeking the latest surveillance solution, a cloud-managed security solution may be the answer. Let’s explore more about this new cloud application.

You may be wondering how a cloud-based security solution differs from a traditional surveillance system. After all, both serve the same purpose of taking images and videos to monitor your property. Here are a few differences between cloud security systems and the CCTV you may be familiar with:

Seamless Video Sharing
U.S. News & World Report explained that traditional, wired security cameras are physically connected to an on-site video storage device. Think of the security rooms you would see in a movie with multiple screens showing surveillance footage. While these systems still get the job done when it comes to recording and storing videos, it’s very difficult to share footage.

If you ever needed to use the footage for a trial, share it with your team or to share with police, you would likely need to connect the system to the internet via an ethernet cable. On the other hand, cloud security solutions automatically transmit surveillance videos to a cloud-based server over the internet. This means you can view footage from any device with an internet connection (like your smartphone, tablet, or laptop).

With the touch of a button, you can access your security footage and share it with others from anywhere, any time.Convenient Organization
With the thousands of hours of video your security system can capture a year, you need a better way to organize it all. You may want to save footage from significant events separately or sort footage depending on who is recorded in the frame and where. This can be difficult when footage is saved to one physical system in a continuous stream.

Case management features are offered by many cloud-based video solutions and allows users to easily save, organize and share footage. When you need to pull up a video during a meeting or for proof of an event, you can easily find it from your internet-connected device.

Easy Installation
As you can imagine, setting up a wired security system takes a lot of work. Connecting every camera to a central location requires many wires and connections to be made. The installation process can be fairly slow and there’s also a lot that can go wrong that can delay having your security system up and running.

However, SaaS solutions such as VIGIL Cloud, are cloud-based security systems that use only one central piece of hardware which connects to an internet connection to function. Instead of connecting every camera to one physical location, the central hardware connects to the WiFi and any internet-connected device can be the central hub. This centralized hardware greatly simplifies the installation process. Not only does this mean installation is easier, but adding additional cameras and making system updates is also straightforward.

Optional Integrated Data Visualization 
When you choose a cloud-based security system from a company that specializes in SaaS solutions and surveillance technology, you can also benefit from integrated services. VIGIL CLOUD, the latest intelligent security offering from 3xLOGIC to create a more comprehensive surveillance solution.

This highly-secure, scalable solution continuously connects, processes, and analyzes video data to empower users with unique, actionable insights into their business. In today’s world, it’s not enough to simply monitor your property, you need to understand how every facet operates when you’re not there to oversee it.

Integrated data visualization can help you turn the information your surveillance system collects alongside other operational statistics into the insights you need to make informed business decisions.

Article written by Suzi Abell, Senior Director of Global Marketing at 3xLOGIC.

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