Home News Identiv launches VMS hardware and software as a service
Identiv launches VMS hardware and software as a service

Identiv launches VMS hardware and software as a service


Identiv today announced the launch of 3VR Prime, the industry’s most comprehensive video management hardware and software system as a service.

The 3VR Prime is designed to provide users with a no-upfront-cost, service-oriented, fully supported, 100% warrantied VMS solution that delivers broader efficiencies to end-users seeking on-premises VMS solutions. 3VR Prime delivers an enterprise-class, scalable, intelligent VMS platform to customers of any size.

Identiv’s 3VR Prime eliminates the requirements for upfront expenditures by delivering VMS hardware and software as a service. If any 3VR hardware becomes unrepairable or obsolete, Identiv will replace it for free. Customers can also use their existing on-premises server hardware, creating a software-as-a-service experience while retaining their preferred on-premises system. All software and OS updates are also included with the subscription.

“Imagine if your VMS didn’t have an end-of-life,” said Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises. “3VR Prime is a video surveillance as-a-service solution that provides you with the hardware, software, support, and confidence that your system will always be up-to-date. Our VMS as-a-service solution evolves as your business and security needs evolve over time. With 3VR Prime, users are empowered to quickly and easily boost camera management, add more sites, or incorporate analytics at any time — our subscription model grows with your business.”

3VR implements stringent security, meaning no malware can be installed. As new OS patches become available, those patches are instantly at your IT teams’ fingertips. At the same time, security teams have access to all software updates during the life of any 3VR Prime system.

3VR Prime features all of the great benefits offered by an enterprise-grade VMS with none of the upfront cash outlay or ongoing maintenance hassles. Identiv’s 3VR VMS is the ultimate video management software with world-class forensic search, case management, and business intelligence. 3VR provides the tools to gather real-time intelligence from video, speed up searches, and easily develop and manage cases and investigations.

“As we enter times of economic uncertainty, 3VR Prime allows customers to adopt or sustain world-class video management while conserving cash and ensuring no subsequent cost surprises due to hardware obsolescence or software incompatibilities,” said Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO.

Identiv offers a full portfolio of 3VR video intelligence solutions paired with data analytics for the industry’s fastest and most easily managed surveillance searchability.

3VR provides a single platform for real-time security and customer insights, enabling organizations to protect employees, customers, and assets while improving customer experiences. To learn more, contact +1 888.809.8880 or sales@identiv.com.

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