Home News Hikvision hosts AI Cloud Summit to boost digital transformation
Hikvision hosts AI Cloud Summit to boost digital transformation

Hikvision hosts AI Cloud Summit to boost digital transformation


Hikvision hosted the 2021 AI Cloud Summit in HangZhou on 29-31 March under the theme of ‘Building on AI’s Momentum’ and there was a focus on how AIoT technologies help unlock the full potential of digital transformation.

“Will technology serve industries or will technology change industries? We firmly choose the former model. Hikvision has kept close communications with different industries to learn their needs, and we have optimized our technologies and products accordingly to create value for customers and communities,” said Hu Yangzhong, CEO of Hikvision, in his keynote speech at the summit.

Hikvision has built a complete technical architecture, from perception, to data fusion, and to application. Hikvision’s solutions have been applied in a wide variety of industries – such as energy, metallurgy, financial services, education, healthcare, as well as in commercial enterprises, and communities – empowering digital transformation in all of them. During the summit, several Hikvision customers presented how the combination of AI and IoT have helped to drive their digital transformation.

For instance, in the property service industry, some leading companies have been leveraging Hikvision’s AI capabilities to implement intelligent recognition under various scenarios, such as parking, firefighting, and facility monitoring, which enhances safety and management of communities. In the energy industry, AI and IoT are essential forces to drive the building of digital grids. With the application of Hikvision’s AI technologies, intelligent inspections over power grids can be realized.

At the summit, Hikvision announced the upgrade of its AI Open Platform, which can help users to more easily create their own intelligent algorithms based on specific business needs. Meanwhile, through Hikvision’s Hardware Open Platform, third-party algorithms can also be installed in Hikvision’s hardware devices, which brings a greater variety of intelligent functionalities to industries.

For instance, a large air conditioning manufacturer has trained a bespoke algorithm with the AI Open Platform and deployed it in Hikvision’s cameras to help check integrity of its products. Once the camera records that a specific component is missing, an alarm will sound to remind quality inspectors to re-check the product, greatly increasing the efficiency of quality checking.

More than 5,000 Hikvision customers, industry leaders, academic experts, and partners participated in this summit, which provides a unique opportunity for sharing industry and technology knowledge, experience, and ideas.

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