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Axon Technologies educate attendees on Cyber hygiene at Intersec 2022

Axon Technologies educate attendees on Cyber hygiene at Intersec 2022


Axon Technologies has announced that its Security Operations Director David Brown will be speaking on ‘Cyber Hygiene: Beyond the Common Talk’ at Intersec 2022 – The Cyber Security Lab, one of the six conferences at the event. Brown will examine the importance of cyber hygiene, discuss what is currently lacking in the industry and how organizations can implement effective best practices for a safe and secure digital future.

David Brown, Security Operations Director for Axon Technologies

Cyber hygiene refers to habitual practices and steps to ensure the safe and secure management of mission-critical data and networks. These actions help identify potential risks and vulnerabilities and implement strategies to address them. In an increasingly digital world, cyber hygiene is critical to strengthen the security posture of an organization.

Most organizations follow some common best practices such as ensuring routers and firewalls are installed and configured accurately, updating the list of authorized and unauthorized users, enforcing strong password rules with two and multi-factor authentications, and so on. However, there are many other aspects that are neglected when it comes to deploying cyber hygiene practices, which are vital for holistic cybersecurity. This includes elements such as data encryption and classification, disaster recovery processes, and digital footprinting, among others.

Brown will educate attendees on these areas and share his unique insights on why cyber hygiene is paramount to a resilient security strategy.

“Intersec 2022 is a valuable platform for all stakeholders to come together and discuss emerging trends and key issues. The high-profile event sets the tone for the security industry for the year,” explains Brown. “The threat landscape is ever-changing, and therefore it is vital that organizations set up routine checks to stop cybercriminals. Deploying robust cyber hygiene habits allow organizations to have enhanced situational awareness, enabling early mitigation of threats in the attack lifecycle. We look forward to educating customers on how to implement healthy cyber hygiene practices to strengthen their digital security postures.”

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