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AXIS Unveils Body Worn Activation Kit

AXIS Unveils Body Worn Activation Kit


Axis Communications has announced AXIS W400 Body Worn Activation Kit, which further expands the wearables product portfolio. AXIS W400 Body Worn Activation Kit automatically activates recording by all body worn cameras in the same system when a lightbar or siren is activated, or a panic button is pressed.

In stressful situations, there is always a risk that wearers of body worn cameras might forget to activate recording. AXIS W400 removes this risk, ensuring that footage is always recorded by one or more cameras during an escalated situation thus keeping police departments in compliance with regulations and avoiding liability.

When AXIS W400 is integrated into a police car, the system can be automatically triggered when the lightbar or siren is activated. The system can also be connected to a panic button, for example in a retail environment, to activate recordings automatically.

Key features include:

  • Automatic recording activation
  • Triggered by I/O
  • Uses Bluetooth Beacons

AXIS W400 is available through Axis distribution channels.

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