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AutoTRASSIR expands to the Middle East

AutoTRASSIR expands to the Middle East


TRASSIR, CCTV systems manufacturer and video surveillance software developer, is announced its LPR (AutoTRASSIR) launch in the countries of the Middle East, Latin America and Ireland. Thanks to its partnership with the governments in these countries, TRASSIR is helping customers ensure security, improve their efficiency, and solve business tasks.

AutoTRASSIR is an AI smart module for identifying, recording, and event searches of vehicles and their license plates. The module automatically detects and determines the vehicle type (motorcycle, passenger car, van, truck, bus) identifies the license plate in real time, stores it, and compares it with white/black lists.

System features:

  • highly accurate license plate recognition;
  • recognition of any license plate or vehicle;
  • license plate recognition for cars from other countries;
  • easily admit cars onto the territory;

flexible configuration of the recognition module;

distribution of computing to GPU server from low-power DVRs.

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