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Alcatraz launches Rock 3D facial authentication

Alcatraz launches Rock 3D facial authentication


Alcatraz has released the Rock 3D facial authentication with new features including tailgating notification and mask detection (to help companies comply with increasing statewide mask mandates).

“The latest features we’ve added to the Alcatraz Rock make it possible for businesses to replace badging as an access point identification method with facial authentication while at the same time elevate their overall security solution to address the ever-increasing demands of not only access control but compliance in the post-COVID era,” said Alcatraz Chief Executive Officer and Founder Vince Gaydarzhiev.

With the latest version, Alcatraz has enhanced the Rock to combat one of the biggest problems in access control: tailgating. The Rock distinguishes an authorised user from an unauthorised user as they approach an access point or door together and can be set to immediately alert upon the attempt at unauthorised access. This expands the security that the Rock provides to ensure that only those who are authorised, and not tailgaters, gain access.

Another feature – facemask detection – was added in response to increasing mandates in more than 32 states all over the country calling for businesses to require all occupants to wear masks. Mask requirements could present a safety issue for building operators as security systems that rely on security guards or video verification might currently require a bare face to authenticate entry.

The Rock detects whether a user who is seeking access is wearing a facemask. If the individual is not wearing a facemask, the system sends a notification to put on a mask and does not allow access. Facemask detection is just one way in which the Rock is helping businesses adjust to post-COVID practices. The Rock also facilitates a touchless environment which reduces the spread of germs and viruses.

“By delivering options that combat tailgating and that use both one- and two-factor authentication, the Rock provides the most secure and accurate access control solution in the physical security industry,” said Gaydarzhiev. “And because the Rock operates on a robust platform, we are also able to quickly provide solutions to needs that arise in the market like facemask detection.”

The Rock replaces badging by leveraging facial authentication, 3D sensing, and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations. The Rock works with any access control solution and can be used alone, using one-factor authentication, for environments to deliver a completely frictionless face-only access control experience.

Users can also combine the Rock’s 3D facial authentication with badge use to deliver the ultimate in secure, two-factor authentication for environments that desire more security without the increased friction of other biometrics or the expense of added security guards or turnstiles. The Rock platform respects privacy and relies on facial authentication that is transactional in nature. The Rock is not used for surveillance and does not covertly or non-cooperatively collect or store images of individuals who have not enroled in the system.

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