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Infoblox Reveals Shift In Malware Tactics After Initial Discovery

Infoblox has published a second threat report with critical updates on “Decoy Dog,” the remote access trojan (RAT) toolkit they discovered and disclosed in April 2023. The malware uses DNS to establish command and control (C2) and is suspected as a secret tool used in ongoing nation-state cyber attacks. The threat actors swiftly responded following Infoblox’s disclosure of the toolkit, adapting their systems to ensure continued operations, indicating that maintaining access to victim devices remains a high priority. The analysis […]

ESET reveals iRecorder spies on its users

ESET researchers have discovered a trojanized Android app named iRecorder – Screen Recorder. It was available on Google Play as a legitimate app in September 2021, with malicious functionality most likely added in August 2022. During its existence, the app was installed on more than 50,000 devices.
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