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Pyronix unveils the CarDefender

Pyronix unveils the CarDefender


Pyronix has announced the CarDefender, a new three-axis accelerometer device recommended for vehicle security.

Developed to combat vehicle theft (particularly keyless theft), the CarDefender offers a new line of defence to deter intruders by raising the house alarm in the event of an attempted theft.

Users are given an early warning, allowing them to take action as soon as possible.

“The CarDefender is a pioneering device for our industry. It’s great to be able to offer a completely new solution to the market for vehicle theft detection,” Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director, said.

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, the CarDefender secures vehicles within the wireless home range of the control panel.

It features a three-axis accelerometer with three configurable detection modes, which can detect shock or tilt. The device can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or if either shock or tilt is detected.

It comes with a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount, allowing users to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and visual deterrence.

“The new offering delivers on our commitment to continually provide our installers with innovative solutions, helping them to boost growth and deliver true customer value,” Laurence said.

He continued, “We’re pleased to release the CarDefender and offer a new security solution that protects vehicles against theft, in addition to delivering security and safety solutions for homes and commercial buildings.”


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