Home News New feature Commercial Building Services adds to value to Rafeeg app
New feature Commercial Building Services adds to value to Rafeeg app

New feature Commercial Building Services adds to value to Rafeeg app


UAE’s app for maintenance and decoration, Rafeeg added a new feature ‘Commercial Building Services’ and the company claimed that it has experienced great success, as the new feature added significant value to the platform’s existing services.

Khamis Al-Sheryani founder of Rafeeg App

“The Abu Dhabi Municipality framework “Preventive maintenance system” launched in 2018 aims to maintain the buildings’ sustainability, raise the efficiency and control the maintenance procedures, and the quality of life. This law applied to 215 old buildings within the city” said Khamis Al-Sheryani founder of Rafeeg App.

Al-Sheryani added, “Such an update within “Reafeeg” derives from ending the landlords’ endurance, empowering them to network with more than 1,000 licensed specialized maintenance service providers to overcome such obstacles and challenges. It assists landlords with essential smart solutions, enabling them to supervise the facility management and remotely oversee the maintenance procedures. This Solution leads to cutting expenses and ensuring sustainable action to protect both consumers and the building facilities.”

This development is part of the Rafeeg app’s commitment to providing smart solutions for building maintenance, where the app has managed over the past few years to serve more than 70,000 homeowners as well as improving the maintenance quality and helping homeowners to rationalize their expenses.

Al-Sheryani said, “The Rafeeg’s new update allows landlords to manage their tenants and building facilities without contracting with a maintenance company or third party. Additionally, the App provides landlords with live data, financials, and technical analysis reports to keep track and awareness of the tenants and building facilities status”.

This new feature will allow the landlords to connect with their tenants and the service providers, allowing them to get the most competitive prices—less than the market price without all those hidden fees. This will lead to rationalizing their maintenance operations through a Pay as you go system.

“In addition to this feature, “Rafeeg” offers its customers direct support from experts within different sectors and fields such as Project Managers, who will be managing their projects and do the site-check of their facilities and report it directly to the owners,” Al-Sheryani added.

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