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Hikvision introduces dedicated series in its DeepinView camera line

Hikvision introduces dedicated series in its DeepinView camera line


Hikvision recently announced a brand-new addition to its DeepinView camera line: the Dedicated Subseries. This new addition loads a batch of AI-powered deep learning algorithms into each unit, boasting stunning performance and cost-effective pricing.

Enhanced AI capabilities
Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied in many ways in security markets. As technology advances, AI chipset performance has improved to enable massive computing power using various algorithms and contributing to multi-intelligence functionality and higher accuracy. The new Dedicated DeepinView Cameras are an example of these advances, incorporating several AI-powered deep learning algorithms in one unit. What’s more, these algorithms can be switched essentially putting 5 or 6 unique cameras in one housing.

Switchable algorithms
The Dedicated DeepinView cameras combine two product categories – the first is vehicle analysis where cameras combine automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) with vehicle attribute recognition. Attributes include the vehicle’s make, color, and direction of movement. Typical uses include installation at checkpoints of city streets and at entrances & exits of buildings or industrial parks.

Models in the second category boast six switchable deep learning algorithms in one camera housing, including facial recognition, face counting, hard hat detection, perimeter protection, queue management, and multiple-target-type detection (detecting multiple targets and multiple types of targets at once). Accordingly, users can simply enable an algorithm manually for dedicated use, then later switch the algorithm as needed.

Flexibility among algorithms enables users to also switch among:

  • Perimeter protection – to monitor outdoor areas needing security and deliver accurate alarms upon intrusions.
  • Facial recognition – to grant authorized access to restricted areas in various organizations, such as school laboratories, archive rooms, and hospital pharmacies.
  • Queue management – to better understand customer wait times, optimize staff levels, and enhance customer experience.

HD clarity, day and night
Equipped with Hikvision’s DarkFighter and LightFighter technologies, these cameras capture vivid and color images in extremely low-light environments or in scenes with strong backlighting where color and brightness balance is extremely difficult. Smooth Streaming mode further ensures a high-quality live feed.

The Dedicated DeepinView Cameras are available in 2, 4, 8, and 12 MP resolutions for customers to choose from. These camera models also offer Vibration Detection for outdoor use, which detects and notifies users of vandalism.

The metadata is supported to allow third-party platforms to receive data from Hikvision cameras for real-time video analysis or recorded into footage archives to enable rapid searching forensic evidence.

To find out more about the new Hikvision Dedicated DeepinView cameras, please visit https://www.hikvision.com/en/products/IP-Products/Network-Cameras/DeepinView-Series/

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