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Emrill launches TechCompanion app

Emrill launches TechCompanion app


Leading integrated facilities management services provider, Emrill, has expanded the use of technology to enhance service delivery with the launch of its TechCompanion app. The app, which is currently being utilised by over 2,000 technicians, engineers and supervisors across multiple sites and shifts, empowers Emrill’s employees to access and utilise data and information to drive efficiencies across the company’s contracts and support success for its clients’ projects and communities.

In 2020, Emrill launched What’s Next Engineering, an initiative led by innovation and implementing new ideas, which the company encourages through its ongoing continuous improvement workshops. Emrill’s TechCompanion app was developed under the umbrella of this initiative, in line with the company’s aim to be future-ready through harnessing new technology to redefine service delivery.

Accessible via iOS and Android mobile devices, Emrill’s TechCompanion app provides technicians with an all-in-one, multipurpose guidance, training and maintenance toolkit with multilanguage capabilities. It provides a centralised solution and single point of contact for each vendor, as well as an escalation matrix and database of contacts for each asset. To guide and instruct technicians, all information related to assets, including service and technical manuals, is available on the app and can be accessed while employees are onsite via an easy-to-navigate up-to-date documentation and catalogues library.

Additionally, Emrill’s TechCompanion app functions as an education and development tool, providing technicians access to online courses and training. Reducing the need for direct staff training, in addition to decreasing the need for specialist subcontractor involvement for troubleshooting, has enabled Emrill to offer competitive pricing to clients, which has been especially important during the pandemic when budget constraints have been a significant factor.

To ensure Emrill’s TechCompanion app is utilised to its fullest extent and does not detract from tasks at hand, it has been designed with an easy-to-use administrative panel, enabling technicians and supervisors to manage the application on-the-go.

Development of Emrill’s TechCompanion app is ongoing, and in the second phase a feature will be added to enable technicians to connect directly with subject matter experts via video through the app, which will reduce wait periods for critical maintenance and increase the success rates. Working with these experts in real-time will allow technicians to carry out maintenance work as soon as issues arise, rather than requesting a visit from a specialist service provider. The second phase will also introduce barcode and QR code scanning capabilities, enabling technicians to view all relevant technical documentation by simply scanning an asset on-site.

Stuart Harrison, Emrill’s CEO, explained the company’s decision to prioritise technology as a pillar of Emrill’s service delivery concept. He said, “Emrill understands leading the facilities management sector’s digital transformation through integrating new technologies and harnessing the potential of young, up-and-coming engineers and technicians is the only way to achieve sustainable business growth. Emrill’s TechCompanion app demonstrates our commitment to integrating technology solutions and a system-driven approach for technical service delivery.

“While the pandemic has accelerated the roll-out of the app, as we explored ways in which we could minimise non-essential contact between employees, using technology to empower site-based teams and augment quality assurance has been a core part of our business’s DNA for a number of years, preceding the challenges we have all faced due to COVID-19.”

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