Home Cyber Security CyberKnight partners with Owl Cyber Defense to address threats to critical infrastructure
CyberKnight partners with Owl Cyber Defense to address threats to critical infrastructure

CyberKnight partners with Owl Cyber Defense to address threats to critical infrastructure


CyberKnight Technologies has announced a new partnership with Owl Cyber Defense, the leading provider of hardware-enforced security solutions for military, intelligence and critical infrastructure organizations, strategically aimed at addressing cybersecurity threats impacting critical infrastructure and government ministries in the Middle East.

Cyberattacks against critical infrastructure providers globally are resulting in major disruptions to utilities and services, damage to equipment, or worse. Unfortunately, many systems within such organizations are dated and vulnerable, and restricted downtime means that patch windows are rare. To address these challenges in the Middle East, CyberKnight has enlisted the expertise of Owl Cyber Defense.

“As we build out our operational technology (OT) and critical infrastructure portfolio, we are excited about this new partnership with Owl Cyber Defense, as no other vendor matches their cross domain and data diode capabilities,” said Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder and COO at CyberKnight. “The technology is accredited by the U.S. Government and EAL Certified, offering enterprise ready solutions to regional customers, with a focus on solving today’s network security problems, in the most challenging environments.”

CyberKnight’s AI-driven Zero Trust Security (ZTX) framework incorporates emerging and market-leading cybersecurity solutions that protect the entire attack surface, eliminating security gaps while enabling digital transformation with intelligent security for complex hybrid environments that protects user data across devices and applications no matter their location.

“Owl Cyber Defense is committed to increasing our investment and presence in the Middle East,” said Ken Walker, CEO and President of Owl Cyber Defense. “With our expanded office and staff in the region, we are dedicated to working with local experts like CyberKnight to best serve our customers throughout the region.”

“Through this partnership with CyberKnight, we aim to accelerate our growth in the region by offering unmatched expertise, technology, and services to local organizations,” said Glenn Braverman, Vice President of International and Foreign Military Sales at Owl Cyber Defense. “CyberKnight’s extensive local presence across the region, as well as channel and customer reach will enable us to help Middle East enterprises and governments enhance their critical infrastructure network security and defense systems.”

Owl Cyber Defense’s cross domain solutions play a critical role in CyberKnight’s Zero Trust architecture, providing hardware-enforced segmentation supported by extensive filtering that extends from low-level transport protocols up through the application layer. Cross Domain Solutions are specifically designed and accredited to provide boundary protection for the worlds most sensitive networks, far exceeding the protection provided by firewalls.  This capability provides a strong foundation for Zero Trust architectures and an unsurpassed level of security for operational environments.

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