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Commvault Metallic ThreatWise now available in the Middle East

Commvault Metallic ThreatWise now available in the Middle East


Commvault has announced the general availability of Metallic ThreatWise, an early warning system that proactively surfaces unknown and zero-day threats to minimize compromised data and business impact, in the Middle East.

The risk of cyberattacks in the Middle East is increasing and, according to a report by TRA, over 80% of companies in the United Arab Emirates reported at least one cyber-attack last year. While the rapid digitalization in countries in the Middle East, specifically the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, is the main reason for this increase, the technological development also presents the opportunity for these countries to establish robust cyber protection.

With ThreatWise, Commvault is further defining data security with an early warning that no other vendor in this space provides. It uses decoys to proactively bait bad actors into engaging fake resources, spot threats in production environments, and arm businesses with tools to keep data safe. Simultaneously, Commvault is also extending its machine learning and critical threat detection and security capabilities to its broader platform, which is available in the Middle East today.

Fady Richmany, Commvault’s Regional Vice President – South Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (SEEMEA), said: “We have seen a huge shift towards an economic transformation in the Middle East, with many nations implementing smart city initiatives and updating their national visions while improving their digital economies.

These advancements have however led to a growing risk of cyberattacks across the region, meaning that data protection and data management has never been more critical. Our role at Commvault is to provide state-of-the-art solutions to drive greater cyber security that will help businesses across the Middle East achieve their goals.”

Yahya Kassab, Senior Director & General Manager, GCC at Commvault, said: “It is vital that businesses across the Middle East see the necessary benefits of adopting modern solutions to drive efficiency and greater cyber security for their operations. Many IT teams in the region do not have adequate tools in place to detect ransomware attacks on production environments early enough in the attack chain to neutralize stealthy cyber-attacks before they cause harm.”

“Ransomware has revolved around encryption for a long time, but newer extortion techniques like exfiltration go beyond rapidly spreading malware, and data recovery alone cannot help if sensitive business data is leaked to the Dark Web. Data recovery is important, but alone it’s not enough. Just a few hours with an undetected bad actor in your systems can be catastrophic. By integrating ThreatWise into the Metallic SaaS portfolio, we provide customers with a proactive, early warning system that bolsters their zero-loss strategy by intercepting a threat before it impacts your business.”

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