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AmiViz introduces its new partner loyalty programme

AmiViz introduces its new partner loyalty programme


AmiViz, the Middle East region’s first enterprise B2B marketplace, today announced the launch of its partner loyalty programme, “AmiViz Partner Rewards Programme”.

Ilyas Mohammed, COO for AmiViz

Commenting on the launch of the new loyalty programme, the COO of AmiViz, Ilyas Mohammed said “We are proud to launch the AmiViz Partner Rewards Programme to reward our partners for their commitment and contribution to our success. The integration of our new partner loyalty programme with the AmiViz platform will provide partners with ease of use and the ability to track their rewards online.”

The newly launched AmiViz Partner Rewards Programme is entirely focused on enabling channel partner teams to earn Partner Coins, which can be redeemed for reward items. It is an inclusive loyalty programme that enables various teams, including sales, technical and procurement of the channel partners to earn. Partner coins can be earned by completing certain transactions like Purchase Orders or CEC Demos via the AmiViz Partner Portal or App.

The AmiViz Partner Portal and App bring value to channel partners with automation in order management and processing on a real time basis, optimising the lead time to process orders. With inefficiencies removed from the order management process, orders are fulfilled faster and with accuracy. Partners also gain visibility in terms of pipeline, product-wise revenue, upcoming renewals, and finance related information, etc.

CEC Demos use the AmiViz CEC Lab, which is a platform built for partners to conduct demos for their customers and use it as their own infrastructure with white labelling and demo-on-demand benefits. The CEC Lab is configured and integrated with 25+ technologies demonstrating interoperability with one another. This helps customers understand the outcome of multiple technologies integrated to present a technical and business value towards their needs.

“This is just the beginning, and we will continue to roll out various initiatives under the AmiViz Partner Rewards Programme from time to time. We will also align with vendors to run specific programmes to reward partners for their efforts. This will also encourage the channel partners to utilise the potential of the AmiViz platform and help them maximise the benefits of automation.” Ilyas concluded.

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