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Dallmeier Panomera S wins the Red Dot Award 2021

Dallmeier Panomera S wins the Red Dot Award 2021


The latest generation of the patented “Panomera S” multifocal sensor system from Dallmeier has received the Red Dot Design Award 2021. This year, the newest generation of Dallmeier multifocal sensor cameras was recognised in the category “Innovative Products” and subcategory “Cameras and Camera Equipment”.

Patented sensor concept
On the functional level, the jury of 50 experts was particularly impressed by the singular Panomera sensor concept, with which system operators can monitor even distant image regions in the same high resolution as for objects in the foreground. Moreover, several operators can independently observe individual detail zones of very large expanses at the same time using just one system. Budget managers thus benefit from a minimal number of cameras and correspondingly low infrastructure and operating costs.

Just one Allen key size
To address the complex requirements that govern mounting and installation, Dallmeier has developed the innovative “Mountera” assembly concept. The heart of this system is a patented coupling mechanism, the “Quick-Lock” system (patent no. 10 2019 122 373). This mechanism enables the Panomera S-Series systems to be engaged with ease by just one person. Lifting load and lifting duration are reduced significantly and axial detachment of the camera after engagement is prevented, so the camera cannot fall.

Every thinkable field of application is covered by an extensive range of mounting arms and options (mast and wall-ceiling fastenings, edge housings, etc.). And the option also exists to combine a Panomera S-Series camera with systems from the Panomera W-Series (180° / 360°) or PTZ, for example. Then, installers need just a single Allen key size to carry out all installation and adjustment work.

Unique design language
The current “Panomera S” camera series also continues the standardised design language of Dallmeier cameras: Precisely defined design elements such as radii, proportions, colours and surfaces are repeated consistently in practically all of the company’s camera models.

This makes Dallmeier the first manufacturer of B2B video security equipment to successfully implement a standardised design language. The Panomera S-Series blends unobtrusively into architectonic environments, thus creating a uniform, aesthetically self-sustaining overall view. Many businesses and organisations all over the world in sectors as diverse as airports, Safe City, stadiums, industry, and logistics are already working successfully with models of the current Panomera S-Series.

Weather-proof and privacy-friendly
Another feature of the Panomera S-Series which drew praise was the intelligent housing design: A special double wall allows passive convection cooling and renders auxiliary cooling unnecessary up to an outside temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Further innovative features such as the optional “Air Blast” compressed air system for non-wearing front glass cleaning or the “Panomera Privacy Shield” for effective and visible privacy e. g. in cases of demonstrations or company meetings are further features of the total concept of the award-winning Panomera S-Series.

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